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Ofte stilte spørsmål

Her finner du svar på ofte stilte spørsmål.
Hvis det fortsatt er noe du lurer på som du ikke finner svar på her, send oss gjerne en mail.

  • How to get to us?
    Fly If you arrive by plane, the two most relevant airports are Harstad / Evenes or Skagen. Skagen is located by Sortland and takes about 1 hour by car. There is also a bus from Sortland Harstad / Evenes is usually the cheapest option, and this is where most departures go. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive from the airport to Vesterålen Rorbuer. There is a bus from Evenes, and there are many different car rental companies based here. Car Follow the signs to Sortland. After driving to Sortland, follow the signs to Bø in Vesterålen. Eventually, it will part with Straume. The town of Straume is located 1.4 kilometers from the fisherman's cabins, from here you follow the signs to Straumsjøen. Bus From the airport at Evenes, take the bus via Sortland to Straume. Get off at the stop called Straumsjøen. About 1.4 kilometers to walk from the bus stop. Remember to check times in advance, as there are limited offers. Boat Directly below the fisherman's cabins there is a municipal jetty that can accommodate larger boats. If you want to rent a place here, you must check with the municipality.
  • Do I need a car?
    You have nice hiking destinations right outside the door, both coastal path and summit hikes.It takes approx. 20 minutes to grocery store and it is approx. 20 min walk to bus stop.You are not dependent on a car, but it depends on how you like to travel.
  • How far is it to the nearest store?
  • How big are the fisherman's cabins?
    The fisherman's cabins are spread over two floors where the kitchen, bathroom and living room are on the first floor.There is sleeping accommodation on the ground floor, and in addition in the attic.The oldest fisherman's cabin called Bardobua has sleeping space under the roof in the living room, and does not have a separate attic.In total, the fisherman's cabins are between 50 and 65 m².
  • Is there a bathroom and kitchen in the fisherman's cabins?
    All fisherman's cabins have their own bathroom / shower / toilet and modern kitchen.
  • Is there Wi-Fi?
    Yes, all fisherman's cabins have wifi and the code is in the fishermen's cabins.
  • Can I get a discount if I book a longer period?
    Yes, just send us an email and we'll fix this.
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