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About us

The fisherman's cabins are owned and operated by outdoor enthusiasts Solveig and Kåre Thommessen.

We are concerned with nature and the joy of being out in good company, either with family or good friends. The reason why we bought the fisherman's cabins is that we want to give everyone the opportunity to live in authentic fishermen's cabins with fantastic views right outside the door. With us, you have access to sea activities, coastal paths and mountain peaks without having to get in the car. We warmly welcome everyone to us!

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Vesterålen Rorbuer AS has great respect for nature, and we admire it with great force. It is in nature that we get energy, recharge our batteries, experience good conversations, achieve community and have magical moments. We want to leave nature behind in the best way possible, so that those who come after us can also make use of everything it has to offer. We strive to reuse old materials and interiors rather than buying new. We plan so that you can stay with us on a car-free holiday, where you have all the activities in summer right outside the door of the rorbuen. A minimum of 5% of our profit each year goes to support social/environmental/physically active initiatives. We are a paperless company that shops locally when possible, in addition to having a strong focus on food waste.

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