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Experiences and activities

SUP and inflatable kayak rental

With us, the whole family can rent a SUP with wetsuits and shoes.


SUP per day NOK 350

SUP per hour NOK 200

Wetsuit per hour NOK 130

Wetsuit per day NOK 200

Canoe for two people NOK 400 per day, NOK 250 per hour

Guiding in the mountains

Get in touch for longer or shorter guided mountain tours. Our 14-year-old son guides to the lighthouse at Vikan for NOK 300 per group and to Nattmålstind for NOK 500 per group. The tours must be booked in advance and apply to the entire group. Trip to Vikan takes a total of about 1.5 hours and Nattmålstind about 2-2.5 hours.

Description of nearby peaks

From the rorbuen you can go on top hikes to Vikantinden, Burnestinden and Nattmålstinden right from the door. Another very nice trip, only 3 km from the rorbuene, is the trip up Skårvågsfjellet and to "Dørhollet" - here you have a fantastic view. You will see the back of the Lofoten Wall, islands and the coast all the way to Nyksund and the open horizon. Otherwise, one of the most used mountain trips for the locals is the trip up Veggfjellet via Rundtua - a real trip to quickly get the heart rate up. Check out or for good descriptions.


Coastal trail day trip - approx. 5 hours

The coastal path runs from Rorbuene to Spjelkvågen, a trip of almost 10 kilometres. This trip is also called the Queen's Path after Queen Sonja took this trip after a visit to our rorbue. Start at the rorbuene and go out about Vikan, follow the signs. On this tour you pass old traditional farms that have been vacated, potholes, white beaches and lighthouses. It is a very popular path, but remember to check if someone can pick you up on the other side. More information about the trip here: 



There are several nice white sandy beaches in Bø, and one of the really beautiful is Åsand which is located along the coastal path / Dronningstien which goes from the fisherman's cabins to Spjelkvågen. Another nice beach you can drive to is Søberg which is approx. 4 kilometers from the fisherman's cabins. 


The trip to Vikan and the Lighthouse - approx. 1 hour

This is a very popular trip that goes directly from the fisherman's cabins, and which takes approx. 25 minutes each way.
Follow the gravel road outwards along the water. Walk past Handkleppan and until you reach the buildings in Vikan.
Here you follow the markings down to the shore (yellow color), and follow this past the houses - until you come to the lantern. 



It is nice to paddle a kayak straight out of Straumsjøen, but it can be strong sea when you come out of the bay - so it is recommended for experienced paddlers. It is also possible to rent a kayak at which is approx. 15 minutes drive from the fisherman's cabins. 



There are two eagle nests in Straumsjøen, and it is not uncommon to see them surfing in the wind right in front of the fisherman's cabins. If you want to join the eagle safari, this can be booked at:  


Vesterålen is the only destination in Norway that offers year-round whale watching. The most common destinations for whale watching are Øksnes and Andenes, of which Øksnes is the closest to the Vesterålen rorbuer. The trip to Øksnes takes approx. 70 minutes by car, and you can book the trip here:

If you want to go to the Andenes for whale watching, you can book your trip here:


Vesterålen has some of the country's richest fishing grounds. There are many providers of different concepts, and you can fish under the midnight sun, have the food served after you have fished it yourself, join old traditional fishing boats, or try a fast-paced experience with a fast-moving boat. In Bø, you can also rent your own boat on an hourly or daily basis if you want to seek your luck on your own, several of the boats are equipped with echo sounders. Check out for a rich selection of providers of various fishing trips. For tourist information from Bø municipality check out this page:


Advice and tips!

  • Log in to Visit Vesterålen's website, where you will find lots of good information about activities in Vesterålen

  • Download UT.NO where you will find good maps and tour descriptions.

  • In advance of your trips, you should familiarize yourself with maps, distances and weather conditions.

  • The trip is always better if you are prepared, and if you have a backpack with something good to eat and drink on.

  • Remember to bring an extra jacket as the weather can quickly change.

  • If you are missing something for the trip, there is a sports shop in Vinje, which is approx. 10 min to drive to.

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